Hello, I’m amey. Nice to meet you!

It was one of the first hot sunny days of 2019 when I was meeting my friends to go on a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam when I spotted the phone necklace for the first time. My first thought was: this thing is genius!

Do you know the quote; “sell the problem you solve”?

Please read a bit further to discover how it solves my problems and why you probably need a phone necklace as well! 


Some fun – and not so fun – facts about me


☆ I can be a bit chaotic, clumsy and maybe, maybe a tiny bit messy. ☆

☆ My phone falls on the ground almost everyday. Mostly I’m lucky but I’ve already had my phone been shattered into a million pieces many times. ☆

☆ I never like to bring a bag to a festival, I just want to dance! ☆

☆ I’m often missing THE moment when I want to take a picture. Because my phone is.. somewhere… ☆

☆ I love hiking! Our planet is so beautiful that you just want to take pictures all the time, right?! ☆

☆ I’m always looking for my phone in my messy bag. E.g. causing awkward waiting-lines when trying to find my digital boarding pass at the airport. ☆


So believe me, a phone necklace is the newest invention you need to have!

You will love it as much as I do. You will need is as much as I need it. You will use it as much as I use it. 

Please take a look at my shop and pick the phone necklace you desire!

xx ☆ amey amsterdam